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Feb 7, 2013 5:00am PST
of heart on higher taxes. now a preview of that. >> the mayor will build his state of the city address around a word that normally no one wants to hear, taxes. tonight, the mayor 8 call on community leaders to organize a campaign for city seals tax -- sales tax to restore money to city workers who took cuts. residents are willing to pay new taxes with 70 percent support for a .25 sales tax increase and 57 percent for half a cent sales tax increase. the earliest this would be on the ballot is next year. folks here in san jose have voted four times to aprove sales tax increases since the mayor has taken office back in 2007 and it is not clear if another will fly. we will find out tonight when the mayor makes his state of the city address tonight. >> right now we have breaking news to tell you about in southern california. three police officers have been shot, two in riverside and one in corona. this is over riverside where the police department says an officer was killed. reports say the shootings could be related to a suspect wanted in connection of a double murder in irving. th
Feb 8, 2013 5:00am PST
? >> san jose mayor is hoping residents will agree to a tax increase to help fund the police department. the mayor laid out the plan last night in the state of the city address saying although there is a small surplus this year, it is still not enough to beef up the struggling police department. lay offs and pension reform have shrunk the department under 1,000 people. the mayor promises to add 200 officers the next two years but the believes union wants more. >> we are looking for san jose to pay a competitive wage for police officers. the market rate san jose pays is much less than any of the surrounding cities. >> in 2014 we will be able to explain to the public if they give us additional revenue we will restore services. >> the mayor is suggesting up to half a percent sales tax. a measure cannot go before voters until next year. >> investigators are wanting of a door-to-door scam in san mateo county trying to sell magazine subscriptions to benefit the reason amend mcdonald house. they are well dressed and plight but not affiliated with the organization. they only use fundraisers and
Feb 9, 2013 5:00am PST
short term package of spending cuts and tax revenue to head off across-the-board cuts set to kick in on march 1st. in his weekly address he said proposed stop-gap action would avoid the so-called sequester that would trigger huge automatic spending cuts. he's asking congress for a smaller set of spending cuts and tax changes as they get a better plan. >> they don't think it's good idea to put thousands of jobs arteriesing and do unnecessary harm to the economy. yet the current plan puts the cuts mainly on seniors and middle class families. they would rather and more from the vast majority of americans and put the economy at risk than close a single tax loophole that benefits the well think. >>? the republican address, a senator from alaska said the u.s. must ramp up domestic energy production, including the keystone xl pipeline. >>> as the bay area struggles with tighter budgets, a plan is being pitched to erase the boundaries that separates cities and counties and consolidate services. david louie explains what is behind such a sweeping proposal. >> there are 101 city necessary the
Feb 1, 2013 5:00am PST
. >> counterfeiters do not pay taxes or health care or provide pensions, they are criminal organizations. they are criminal parasites making money off of the hard work and innovation of others. >> during the operation, authorities have arrested 23 people in connection with sports merchandise counterfeiting. in new orleans for abc7. >> the coast guard and the national park service will be joined to educate dog owners of beach safety as part of the awareness campaign. there have been five drowning deaths at bay area beaches since november. in each case, the victim had their dog with them and some of them jumped in the water to save the pet at a wave swept them in the ocean. officials want to educate dog owners on hazards including what to do if their pets get swept to sea and how to swim out of a rip current. >> in sonoma, health officials are investigating the first confirmed rabid cat case in the county in 16 years. the domestic cat bit someone in glenn ellen and that person received a rabies shot. officials say the incident highlights the dangers of not vaccinating pets. v
Feb 2, 2013 5:00am PST
and the country needs a much higher gasoline tax. >> most energy policy people agree with that, but, of course, politically that's just off-limits. >> the head of u.c. berkeley's energy institute said political energy only wrapped up after the solyndra scandal broke. he was criticized for the handling of his lone to the solar panel maker who went bankrupt, laying off more than a thousand workers. >> they talk about that one failure but there are many other successes. >> frank worked at the lawrence national laboratory and said his legacy goes well beyond stimulus spending on energy programs. >> i think ice biggest accomplishment is emphasizing renewable energy, emphasizing science. >> the energy experts i spoke with say steven chu transformed the agency from the department that has been primarily concerned nuclear weapons and nuclear waste to an energy resources organization. >> it's been so great have a nobel prize scientist run the department of energy just in terms of attracting scientists to this important problem. >> khu said he would like to return to teaching and academic res
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5